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Service of automatic insurances

Perfect Descent Auto Belays are handmade in the USA and are tested and certified to meet global climbing industry standards. The outer shell of the Auto Belay is made of aluminum and stainless steel and is designed to protect all internal systems.

Во время сервисного обслуживания инженер сервисного центра компании Скалодром.ру производит все этапы диагностики и ремонта в соответствие с регламентом.

Advantages of automatic insurance

The pros of Perfect Descent: lightweight and compact design of the safety harness, reliability in operation and adequate cost. Auto belays are used at competitions and in climbing centers, reducing the risk of athlete’s fall, because such a reliable mechanism is more reliable than human hands when it comes to high reaction speed and tiring work on the belay.

As with all technical equipment, Perfect Descent automatic insurances should undergo regular service and certification testing. In accordance with the manufacturer’s regulations C3 Manufacturing, Perfect Descent devices should be serviced at least once a year, however, if you suspect any incorrect operation of the device, you should stop using it and contact the service center for early service.

Signs of malfunction of the automatic insurance

    • Auto insurance makes noise: sounds like roulette, one unit sounds louder than the other, makes a pronounced ratcheting noise

    • A sharper descent than usual

    • Carbine bolt does not work properly: does not close or lock completely

How does the automatic insurance service work?

During service maintenance the engineer of the service center “Skalodrom.Ru” performs:

    1. Complete inspection of the unit from the outside

    1. Tests the operation of all auto insurance features

    1. Performs complete disassembly of the device

    1. Cleans and defects all components

    1. Based on the results of defect analysis, the list of spare parts to be replaced is determined

    1. The stage of agreeing the repair and cost with the customer

    1. Assembly, lubrication and certification testing

    1. Following the results of the inspections, the date of service is stamped on the device and a note of passing the certification tests is made in its passport.

In case of refusal of replacement parts, the engineer assembles the device and it is sent to the customer in the same form as it arrived at the service center. No service record is entered.

Please note, the regulations prohibit the operation of such a device.

The standard cost of auto insurance maintenance is  24,225 ₽, which includes routine work: disassembly, cleaning, lubrication, and testing.

The necessity and cost of repair of the device is determined by the results of diagnostics individually in each case.