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Preparation of climbing strasses and routes for the climbing wall

Route preparation in modern climbing is a separate art form. To excel in it, it's not enough to simply screw a tack or terrain onto a certain spot.

Постановка трассы является очень важным процессом в котором важен профессионализм компании, которая ей занимается. Скалодром.Ру предлагает надежное моделирование и постановку маршрутов для скалодромов.

Мы предлагаем услуги по разработке и накрутке трасс для проведения соревнований или просто для обновления скалолазного опыта у посетителей скалодромных центров. А если у вас свой домашний скалодром и вам надоело лазить одни и те же трассы, наша команда подготовщиков с радостью вам поможет.

Новая услуга: Как сделать трассы интересными, использовав при этом минимум зацепов или вообще без них? К чему идут мировые тренды в разработке и подготовке трасс? Ваша команда подготовщиков не знает, что бы ещё придумать? Отправьте их на семинар или практикум от «Скалодром.Ру».

What is a climbing wall route simulation?

Trail modeling or route setting is the scrambling of leads and terrain on the climbing wall according to rules that reflect the difficulty and style of the trails. The trails must be passable and must match the level of the difficulty category declared by the trainer. 

Preparation of trails and route modeling for a climbing wall from Skalodrom.Ru

We offer services in designing and building up trails for competitions or just to update the climbing experience of visitors of climbing centers. And if you have your own home climbing center and you are tired of climbing the same routes, our team of preparators will be happy to help you;

Nuances in the preparation of trails that we take into account

  1. The course should challenge the athlete, who in turn should want to tackle the course
  2. We do not make too simple and trivial tracks because they do not pump and do not teach the athlete or amateur.
  3. We don’t put too much weight on trails that are impossible to get through
  4. On our tracks you can always read the intention of the preparer 
  5. The athlete will always see the technique that is needed to complete the course
  6. The variability of our courses allows the athlete to simplify the course through technique or strength, he can climb in a different way than the preparer intended


Strength, technique, endurance and grip training is achieved through repetition of movements or holding the hooks of the same grip. Tracks shall contain:

  • a series of similar interceptions, such as crosses, tilts, picks, or movements, such as jumps, jogs, and rolls
  • series of hooks of the same grip -passives, active misers, passive pinches, holes);

Track preparation services from the team of Skalodrom.Ru

  1. Solid scrambling of trails. We achieve a variety of trails, which will run along the wall, where we will roll hooks and reliefs, for this we use a special technology, which only professional trails preparers know. In this way, the hooks and reliefs cover the entire surface of the module.
  2. Individual scaling of trails. Our trainer will take into account your wishes on trails styles, difficulty levels, types of hooks and terrains to be used on the climbing wall. We can make for you trails for active or passive grip training, for positioning, for legs, for dynamic or power movements.

For which climbing walls can we prepare and model trails

  • Children’s climbing walls
  • Sport climbing walls
  • Climbing walls that are used at home or in offices
  • Climbing walls that are located in fitness facilities
  • Climbing centers that operate in shopping and entertainment centers

Why order the winding of the slopes at the climbing wall

  • climb
  • train general strength and endurance
  • rock climbing
  • compete
  • for a change, if you’re bored with the slopes.
  • A series of similar interceptions (e.g., crosses, tilts, pick-ups, and so on) or movements (e.g., jumps, runs, rolls, and so on);
  • series of hooks of the same grip (passives, misers, pinches, holes, and so on);
  • be long enough.

Why is it worth ordering the setting of routes and the preparation of trails in the climbing wall

    1. We prepare courses for all disciplines: Difficulty, Bouldering, Speed.
    2. Among our preparers are experienced athletes who climb at a high level and know all about the nuances of modeling and scrambling trails.
    3. We have extensive experience in organizing competitions of different levels, including international ones
    4. We are engaged in the preparation of trails on any type of climbing wall
    5. We can prepare a route to work on different climbing techniques

The Skalodrom.ru team provides training on how to prepare trails. How to make trails interesting, using a minimum of hooks or to design a trail only due to the relief? What are the world trends in piste design and preparation? Your prep team doesn’t know what else to come up with? Send them to a workshop from “Skalodrom.Ru”.