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A hall with children's climbing walls in the CSKA Climbing Center

In the children's hall of the CSKA Climbing Center, we were able to fit as many as 32 interesting climbing tasks for children!

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May 2024

Children’s climbing walls should have several super-abilities at once:

  1. Be safe
  2. To attract the interest of children and involve them in sports
  3. Ensure a balanced physical activity

It is all this that our children’s climbing walls of the FunRocks series combine. These are bright climbing walls, each of which is a kind of game, a quest, each track has its own plot and mechanics of passage.

In the children’s hall of the CSKA Climbing Center, we were able to fit as many as 32 interesting climbing tasks for children!

Automatic safety belts and our “safety gates” are responsible for the safety at each of the climbing walls, which block the climbing wall and do not allow climbing without buckling up. And for those who are below, they remind you that standing under climbing walls is not necessary and sometimes harmful to health.

For the uninitiated, we will tell you that during rock climbing, all muscle groups are involved in the work, and not only — arms, legs, abs, back; strength, endurance, a sense of balance and coordination develop, spatial thinking works.

Interest in sports is a very important and, unfortunately, rare thing nowadays. Modern children like to play computer, phone, tablet and other things that captivate, give some kind of illusion of achievement in the complete absence of physical effort. The Fun Rocks series was created just for such children to attract them with its bright appearance and involve them in something more. It is important that FunRocks climbing walls are suitable for children from four years old — it’s time to start loving sports, while the little man is not too dependent on gadgets. And when they begin to appear in his life, he will already be able to distinguish imaginary achievements from real ones and learn to enjoy the physical efforts made.

And one more important point, let it be the fourth super ability – climbing FunRocks is fun! And now we will tell you a little about the plots of some of the installed climbing walls.

  1. “Steps to the sky” is not really a climbing wall, but a balance simulator. Here the child must step up the steps and catch the balance. And there are two of them here, so you can even run a race!
  2. Climbing wall “Constellations”. The task is to climb to the top, exploring several constellations of the Northern Hemisphere along the way. Touching any of the hooks, the young climber lights up a whole constellation that will twinkle and shimmer like real stars in the sky.
  3. The climbing wall “DNA” is not just a beautiful climbing wall of all colors of the rainbow. The elements are arranged spirally, so that too hasty kids will be forced to slow down after a sharp start and think a little.
  4. Climbing wall “Tires”. More recently, tires on playgrounds were the norm — people climbed, ran and jumped on them, they were both sandboxes and decorations. Consider that we were tormented by nostalgia and decided to return the tires to the children 🙂
  5. The climbing wall “Bubbles” is angular, it teaches children to work in a spacer, that is, to use the adjacent surface and its friction to lift. Catching the bubbles one by one, you need to “float” to the surface of the water.
  6. Climbing wall “Dinosaur”. Archaeology is for the youngest. Where else will they let you touch the real (well, almost :)) skeleton of a huge ancient dinosaur, and even climb it up to 8 meters?!
  7. The Cosmos climbing wall leaves few people indifferent. The guys need to get to the very top with the help of rockets, stars, asteroids and funny alien weirdos.
  8. In the “Jungle” you can experience not the most ordinary climbing mechanics — the hooks here are not the most “sticky”, but you need to grab the vines. Everything is for Mowgli!
  9. Climbing wall “Smartphone” — for those who have already begun to immerse themselves in the world of gadgets. Just poking at the screen will not work, but you can climb to the very top of an 8-meter smartphone using the icons of your favorite applications. Yes, and don’t forget to stop the stopwatch.
  10. Climbing wall “Polukamin” — with hooks in the form of a smiley face loved by many, but not a dancing girl in a red dress. And climbing them is not so easy, thanks to the relief of the surface. ?

It would be possible to write about all the FunRocks climbing walls in CSKA for a long time, but we will not reveal all the secrets. Come, watch and try for yourself, make your children fall in love with sports, rock climbing and rocks, nature and hiking with friends. It’s all about our sport. Start from early childhood — they will definitely like it.

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