More recently, we have become one step closer to fulfilling our dreams - our own climbing wall. Yes, yes, we still haven’t had it. On October, 12 we opened the veil of secrecy and showed our wonderful bouldering to everyone, at the same time we hosted the Championship of Moscow and held #BLDRfest2019. We think this festival will become an annual event.

The standard in Penza somehow quickly burst into our busy schedule; it was just as quickly designed, manufactured and built.

It's time to update the reference track on one of the most deserved climbing walls of Russia - "Energy" in Voronezh. And not just update, but bring in accordance with the requirements of IFSC (International Federation of Sports Climbing) to conduct, neither more nor less, but the European Championship!

We have finished the installation of the second climbing wall of the "Scholar" series in a secondary school № 216 in Novosibirsk. It turned out well; however, we do not work in another way.

Well, we can safely say that the summer was unusually busy. As soon as we finished the climbing wall at the Nakhimov School, the deadline for the delivery of the climbing wall to the secondary school in Kotelniki (Moscow region) came up. Of course, we managed, but that's not the main thing.

Immediately after the installation in Sevastopol, we went to the northern capital, where we had to build a climbing wall for the new sports complex of the famous Nakhimov Naval School!

Yes, someone might think that we have recently built a similar climbing wall in the Chelyabinsk region. But this is only outwardly. Through experience gained there, we optimized the design, which allowed us to finish the construction 2 weeks faster and completely rework the left difficulty zone, making its profile not only more athletic, but even increase the area by almost 20 m2.

We received an interesting order - the construction of a small bouldering climbing wall in the gym with an old climbing wall. It is located in the sports school, where we even met exhibits of the very origin of climbing!

Having completed the installation in St. Petersburg, our team covers a distance of 10,000 kilometers in order to please the children of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk with our climbing walls. Another complex of entertaining children's Fun Rocks climbing gyms has been installed and is ready to give joy to young climbers and adventurers in the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Besides the fact that our team is building wonderful climbing walls, we are also professionally engaged in the design and construction of rope parks. On the territory of the Industrial shopping center, we completed the construction of a cable park, where everyone can feel like a mountaineer, climber or just a dexterous and athletic person and get a lot of pleasure.

In every little child, both boy and girl, there is a rather big awl ... Hm, well, here. The love of climbing lives in everyone, you just need to release it out on time. And our children's climbing walls Fun Rocks is an excellent tool. We present our first commissioned facility in 2019 - an entertainment complex for our regular customers, even rather friends, of the FunJump activity park network.

We have created one more set of Fun Rocks climbing walls for our regular customers - the Jungle activity park network. The new site in Lipetsk is undergoing final preparations and will soon receive its first visitors.

So loved by children and adults Fun Rocks children's climbing walls are now in Sergiev Posad!

And now it is the turn of the ice-climbing complex. But not a simple ice-climbing complex, but a platform for the World Ice Climbing Championship, organized jointly with the Russian Mountaineering Federation, the International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation (UIAA) and with the support of the Moscow Sports Department.

Is it cold? Is it wet? Are daylight hours short? Our installation team does not care.

A week has passed since the completion of our largest project of this year. It is high time to tell you how it was.

Do you remember that about three weeks ago we challenged ourselves that we would build a climbing wall in less than a month? Well, we did it!

The company Skalodrom.Ru designed and installed the mobile climbing wall "Bouldering warm-up" specifically for the world championship in sports climbing.

So we have completed the preassembly of the climbing wall for the Jungle activity park, which consists of 5 climbing surfaces. The climbing wall is looking forward to its new owners, but now let us tell you more about it.

On August 16th, the 2018 World Climbing Championship ended. Competitions were held in the disciplines "Speed", "Difficulty" and "Bouldering", and the last discipline was the most interesting for our team, because we had built a new boulder especially for this event.

The Skalodrom.Ru team completed another project - this is the construction of a climbing wall for a garage.

The company "Skalodrom.Ru" has completed installation of a new entertainment complex of climbing walls "Fun Rocks" in BC "Airplane", in Elabuga (Republic of Tatarstan).

The climbing wall complex was designed, manufactured and installed in 37 days.

Each climbing wall should have a training apparatus for training fingers “campusboard” or “systemboard”, and both constructions have recently appeared in the gymnastics complex of CSKA.

Kazan citizens really liked Fun Rocks climbing complexes. In the shopping center "Millennium" in 69, Chistopolskaya street in a in the shortest possible time we built another complex of children's climbing gyms. All tracks are equipped with Perfect Descent automatic insurance, it pleases young visitors - climbers.

The construction of a climbing wall under the name "Warm-up" in the gymnastics complex of CSKA was completed. It was a difficult but interesting task assigned to our team.

The company "" discovers new directions.

This time we built a climbing wall for the residential complex “Melody of the Forest” in Zelenograd.

The climbing wall mounted on a metal stand-alone structure has an unusual concave shape. The laser surface area is 39 m2, width - 6.6 m, height - 2.4 m.

Another Fun Rocks climbing complex appeared in the city of Kazan, in the Tandem Shopping Center at 5 B. Ibragimova Avenue.

An interesting and bright high-rise complex includes 4 tasks of various thematic contents, some of the Fun Rocks figures have different light illumination:

Work at company does not stand still. Our experts designed and built another climbing wall in the Moscow region.

Finally, we are ready to please you with good news about the completion of a very laborious and interesting project!

The construction of a large-scale climbing complex has come to an end for LFK CSKA at the address: 39 Leningrad Avenue, building 1, Moscow.

Another children's entertainment complex of climbing walls «Fun Rocks» has located in the Grand Canyon shopping center on 154 A Engels Avenue, St. Petersburg.

A new rope complex has located, consisting of a rope park and a climbing wall at the address: 151/2 Moscow Avenue, near the Regional Clinical Hospital № 1, Voronezh. The park consists of 2 lines located at different heights - 3.5 m and 7 m. Each of the lines includes 12 tasks. The climbing wall height of 9 meters is attached to the end of the tower.

III Winter Military World Games ended in Sochi. On February 22-28, in "Bolshoi" ice palace in the Olympic Park, servicemen competed in rock climbing.

Children's climbing wall "FUN ROCKS" has appeared in the Entertainment Center "Mega" 141, Victory Avenue, Kazan.

Skalodrom.Ru's professionals have conquered one more peak!

On January 26, in the Odintsovo district of Kubinka in Patriot Park, a unique climbing complex was presented, which was designed for the third Conseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM) 2017 Sochi, which we took an active part in the construction of.

In November 2016, the largest Extreme Park “Atmosphere” was opened in the city of Bryansk in the “AERO Park” shopping center, located at: Obezdnaya Street, 30.

The Skalodrom.Ru company is in a hurry to share the good news!

A team of our professionals installed the Fun Rocks children's climbing wall, for the activity of the Fun Jump Park, located at: metro station “Kolomenskaya”, the children's shopping and entertainment center "Nora" on 22, Andropov Avenue.

Skalodrom.Ru Company took an active part in the construction of the S. K. Lucky climbing wall in Georgia, Tbilisi.